Lisa + Joel


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“There may be motorcycles, there will be cigars, …” Lisa and Joel makes us smile so hard. They celebrated their love for each other at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn, surrounded by spectacular views. The literally tied the knot at the Crestview Chapel at Ridgecrest, one of Stroudsmoor’s many ceremony locations on their grounds. It was also the first time we’ve ever seen hand cuffs incorporated into a wedding, and we think Lisa was pretty surprised, too. Lisa and Joel are one of those couples that you could tell are meant for each other by just being in their presence. We could tell that from the moment we met them for their engagement session. We hope you enjoy this look into their special day. Congrats to the newlyweds!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Steve and Jimmy

Ceremony/ Reception Venue: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Tuxes/ Suits: Sarno and Son’s

Flowers: Stroudsmoor Floral

Officiant: Reverend Albert Martin

Entertainment/ Photo Booth: Global Entertainment

Transportation: AJ Limo

Catering/ Cake: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Dana + Janet


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Dana + Janet


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Simple, sweet, and intimate.. That’s how Dana and Janet chose to celebrate their special day at the gorgeous Stroudsmoor Country Inn surrounded by their closest friends. Not only did the happy couple have the sweetest no-look first look, they also had an even sweeter first look right before walking down the aisle. Their ceremony was held at the Inn’s Ridgecrest Stone Hearth with the most incredible view of the Cherry Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. It was the most perfect day to spend some time amongst the greenery and celebrate the new misses and misses!

Congrats to Dana and Janet!!




Ceremony Venue: Ridgecrest at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Allyson + Matt


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Venue: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Dress: The Bridal Chateau

Tuxes/Suits: Savvi Formalwear by Sarno & Son

Jewelry: The Bridal Chateau

Flowers: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Lighting: Deena Miller Productions

Coordinators: Cathleen Fillman – Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Entertainment: Deena Miller Productions

Photo Booth: Knot Just Any Day

Catering: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Cake: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Décor: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Videographer: Knot Just Any Day

Megan and Jason


open post

Megan and Jason


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What started off as a day of nervous excitement, turned into a wonderfully joyous and happy day. Complete with happy tears, super meaningful vows and readings, beautiful weather, a rock solid dancers on the dance floor, great speeches and lots and lots of color!! Enjoy!meganandjason_HR-2 meganandjason_HR-7 meganandjason_HR-11 meganandjason_HR-16 meganandjason_HR-23 meganandjason_HR-33 meganandjason_HR-40 meganandjason_HR-411 meganandjason_HR-56 meganandjason_HR-58 meganandjason_HR-82 meganandjason_HR-98 meganandjason_HR-136 meganandjason_HR-139 meganandjason_HR-146 meganandjason_HR-148 meganandjason_HR-155 meganandjason_HR-158 meganandjason_HR-160 meganandjason_HR-165 meganandjason_HR-166 meganandjason_HR-169 meganandjason_HR-173 meganandjason_HR-179 meganandjason_HR-186 meganandjason_HR-198 meganandjason_HR-202 meganandjason_HR-203 meganandjason_HR-207 meganandjason_HR-215 meganandjason_HR-221 meganandjason_HR-227 meganandjason_HR-235 meganandjason_HR-236 meganandjason_HR-243 meganandjason_HR-248 meganandjason_HR-2512 meganandjason_HR-326 meganandjason_HR-366 meganandjason_HR-367 meganandjason_HR-373 meganandjason_HR-375 meganandjason_HR-378 meganandjason_HR-3813 meganandjason_HR-62 meganandjason_HR-66 meganandjason_HR-67 meganandjason_HR-70 meganandjason_HR-73 meganandjason_HR-75 meganandjason_HR-473meganandjason_HR-408 4 meganandjason_HR-476meganandjason_HR-447 meganandjason_HR-494 meganandjason_HR-504 meganandjason_HR-506 meganandjason_HR-553


Venue: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Dress: Stephanie’s Bridal & Formal

Bridesmaid Dresses: All Thing Beautiful

Tuxes/Suits: Fischer’s Tuxedo

Shoes: Stephanie’s Bridal & Formal

Jewelry: Kay Jewelers

Flowers: Always Beautiful Flowers & Gifts

Officient: Stephanie Anne Thompson

Coordinators: Cathleen Fillman

Catering: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Cake: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Lindsey + Daniel


open post

We, (Bridget & Steve) have known Lindsey since she was about this big (cue hand gesture that shows she was much shorter she was). In a long-story-short sort of way, Bridget started dancing with her around that time, and now she and a handful of other great dancers (and friends), are part of a dance group called Without Walls. They choreograph their own pieces and make some pretty amazing dances.

Anyway, the point of this, is that it is so great to see her marry such a great guy. Danny and Lindsey are as good as it gets. And with that comes great friends and great families. Coincidentally, both of their toasts were given by their siblings. Lindsey’s brother and three sisters gave such a heartfelt and awesomely funny tag team speech. From what we hear, they are quite the package deal. (which BTW, is pretty cool…. wait till you see their wedding video!) Danny’s brother and best man, Kevin, followed up the Reichard quartet with his best man speech that absolutely killed it! Not a dry eye in the house. Attaboy, Kevin.

And moving on… Their day was filled with so many unique “Lindsey and Danny” elements, that without question, was exactly them. Gifts for each other during their private stunning first look, custom bridal bouquet made by Regular Frills (Bridget’s company), a sweet and romantic ceremony, picturesque scenery, great toasts, great food, great dancing, and best of all… milk and cookies. Such the perfect way to top off their perfect wedding day.

Ok, I’m done writing… I want milk and cookies. You should run and get some milk and cookies and then look through their photos. K go.

lindseyanddanny_HR-810 lindseyanddanny_HR-801 lindseyanddanny_HR-803lindseyanddanny_HR-814lindseyanddanny_HR-830lindseyanddanny_HR-827 lindseyanddanny_HR-825 lindseyanddanny_HR-819 lindseyanddanny_HR-818 lindseyanddanny_HR-817lindseyanddanny_HR-8332lindseyanddanny_HR-842 lindseyanddanny_HR-847lindseyanddanny_HR-8553 lindseyanddanny_HR-865lindseyanddanny_HR-866lindseyanddanny_HR-882lindseyanddanny_HR-877 lindseyanddanny_HR-884 lindseyanddanny_HR-887 lindseyanddanny_HR-895lindseyanddanny_HR-896lindseyanddanny_HR-898 lindseyanddanny_HR-902 lindseyanddanny_HR-903 lindseyanddanny_HR-904 lindseyanddanny_HR-912 lindseyanddanny_HR-915 lindseyanddanny_HR-920 lindseyanddanny_HR-931 lindseyanddanny_HR-934 lindseyanddanny_HR-936 lindseyanddanny_HR-941 lindseyanddanny_HR-943 lindseyanddanny_HR-947 lindseyanddanny_HR-950lindseyanddanny_HR-10204lindseyanddanny_HR-1087lindseyanddanny_HR-10995lindseyanddanny_HR-1119 lindseyanddanny_HR-1123 lindseyanddanny_HR-1127 lindseyanddanny_HR-1129 lindseyanddanny_HR-1132 lindseyanddanny_HR-1141 lindseyanddanny_HR-1150 lindseyanddanny_HR-1154 lindseyanddanny_HR-1158 lindseyanddanny_HR-1163 lindseyanddanny_HR-1164lindseyanddanny_HR-1171lindseyanddanny_HR-1181 lindseyanddanny_HR-1186 lindseyanddanny_HR-1212lindseyanddanny_HR-1213 lindseyanddanny_HR-1215lindseyanddanny_HR-12176lindseyanddanny_HR-1224lindseyanddanny_HR-12288lindseyanddanny_HR-1236lindseyanddanny_HR-130310 lindseyanddanny_HR-13049lindseyanddanny_HR-794 lindseyanddanny_HR-796 lindseyanddanny_HR-797lindseyanddanny_HR-1320 lindseyanddanny_HR-1317 lindseyanddanny_HR-1328lindseyanddanny_HR-1329lindseyanddanny_HR-1373 lindseyanddanny_HR-1386 lindseyanddanny_HR-1395 lindseyanddanny_HR-1404 lindseyanddanny_HR-1408 lindseyanddanny_HR-1414lindseyanddanny_HR-1420 lindseyanddanny_HR-1418 lindseyanddanny_HR-1427 lindseyanddanny_HR-1430lindseyanddanny_HR-1461 lindseyanddanny_HR-1466 lindseyanddanny_HR-1491 lindseyanddanny_HR-1505 lindseyanddanny_HR-1510 lindseyanddanny_HR-1517 lindseyanddanny_HR-1522 lindseyanddanny_HR-1526 lindseyanddanny_HR-1529 lindseyanddanny_HR-1530 lindseyanddanny_HR-1536 lindseyanddanny_HR-1537 lindseyanddanny_HR-1558 lindseyanddanny_HR-1563 lindseyanddanny_HR-1586 lindseyanddanny_HR-1594 lindseyanddanny_HR-1607 lindseyanddanny_HR-1631 lindseyanddanny_HR-1633 lindseyanddanny_HR-1636 lindseyanddanny_HR-1638lindseyanddanny_HR-1013


Venue: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Dress: Bijou Bridal & Special Occassion

Bridesmaid Dresses: Tunas Bridal

Tuxes/Suits: Tuxedo Junction

Shoes: Macy’s

Jewelry: Macy’s

Flowers: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Bride’s Custom Paper Flower Bouquet: Regular Frills

Lighting: Dj Brandon Hacken & Kevin Cronauer

Coordinators: Linda Pirone

Entertainment: Dj Brandon Hacken & Kevin Cronauer

Photo Booth: Dj Brandon Hacken & Kevin Cronauer

Catering: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Cake: Cookie Bar

Décor: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Invitations: Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Videographer: Knot Just Any Day





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