Kristen + Tibi


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Yay for our first wedding of 2017!!

The first wedding of the season is always exciting and much anticipated. It makes us feel like little kids on Christmas, and sets the mood for the rest of the year. So it was perfect getting to see some familiar faces for wedding numero uno. We met Kristen & Tibi way before their big day during their engagement shoot in New York City’s Flatiron District. Getting to see all of their plans and smiles come together so beautifully on their special day is the exact reason we love what we do. When there is so much raw emotion and appreciation to slow down and take everything in, our roles fall into place so gracefully. We’re more than grateful to be able to help make the magic happen.

Here’s to more smiles, more love, more special moments to share!

Congrats, Kristen & Tibi!


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Steve and Ashley


Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph Marello

Reception Venue: The Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

Flowers: John Mackey Design

Entertainment: Sweet Pepper and the Long Hots

Transportation: Parrish Limos

Cake: Minooka Bakery

Decor: John Mackey Design

Kaitlin + Mike


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Kaitlin + Mike


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What’s better than kissing your sweetheart at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Kissing as newlyweds on New Year’s Eve! Kaitlin & Mike celebrated their new marriage by ringing in a whole new year surrounded by friends and family; friends and family who were ready to par-tay (please refer to Mom below). There’s just something about the chilly holiday air that exudes romance so we can see why Kaitlin & Mike chose New Year’s Eve as their wedding day. We’re also big fans of Kaitlin’s and her father’s wedding day Chuck Taylors. We’re suckers for the Chucks at KJAD! Be sure to check them out!

Happy Newlywed Year, Kaitlin & Mike!!


Ceremony Venue: St. Paul’s Parish

Reception Venue: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

Dress: Head to Toe Bridal Dunmore

Tuxes/Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Shoes: Converse

Flowers: Lavender Goose

Coordinators: Sofia’s Soiree

Entertainment:  EJ the DJ

Transportation: AJ Limo Coach

Cake: Community Bakeshop

Invitations: Vista Print

Molly + Brendan


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Sunsets, Scranton, Smiles, Molly, Brendan…

We hope these photos make you say ‘awwww’ as much as we did.


Venue: The Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

Dress: Tunis Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff

Tuxes/Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Flowers: KS Designs

Officiant: Rev. Robert Taylor

Entertainment: Eclipse Entertainers

Photo Booth: Eclipse Entertainers

Cake: Minooka Pastry

Kelly + Alex


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Kelly + Alex


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These two families really (- cue California Love by 2Pac) know how to party. Kelly and Alex tore it up with their friends and family at the Raddison Lackawanna Station Hotel. They began their day with prep and a ceremony at the station, left for a bit for photos with us and Izzie, their adorable pup, at Lake Scranton, and then returned to get the party started back at the station. Their reception had two killer speeches by not one, and not two, but three bridesmaids and three groomsmen. Total team effort. The ladies killed it and the fellas sealed the deal. The Heartbeats band kicked it up a notch and kept everyone on the dance floor for the remainder of the night. (“in the city, the city of Scranton” … ok ok, i’m done) – enjoy!


Venue:Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

Dress: The Bridal Chateau

Bridesmaid Dresses:The Bridal Chateau

Tuxes/Suits: Sarno & Sons

Shoes: Michael Kors

Flowers: Carmen’s Flowers & Gifts

Officient: Judge Joe Saporito

Lighting:Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

Entertainment: The Heartbeats

Photo Booth: Fotobuff

Transportation: Nasser Limo

Cake: Scranton Bakery

Décor: Etsy, MCR Productions

Invitations: Etsy

Videographer: Knot Just Any Day

Amanda + John


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When it rains… it pours. And my god, did it pour. And when you go big… you do just what Amanda and John did, you go all out. Their wedding was joyous, exciting, rainy, and most importantly, was filled with the greatest of friends and family… oh, and a rubber horse head.  I mean why not?.. right? Let’s get weird, shall we?

John and Amanda are dear friends of Bridget and Steve and the KJAD crew. We have known each other for many many years. Some of you may even remember the days when John(ny Weekender) and Steve worked together at the Weekender followed by a few fun years even working together at KJAD.

Since we have all been friends for so long, it’s so great looking back and remembering when Amanda and John first started dating, when they moved in together, when john proposed, when she absolutely said yes, when we hiked all over for their engagement session, and even now… getting to finally see John’s reaction as Amanda and her father came down the aisle on their wedding day… it’s the best!

Their wedding has so many memorable parts to it: Their beautiful and emotional ceremony, Dave Ermak’s best man speech, that rubber horse head, photographing the 86 or so friends in their wedding party (who’s counting??) at the stunning Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, and the best part – witnessing john getting “Iced” by Amanda and all of their friends.

There’s so much more that could be said about John and Amanda, but let’s save that for a rainier day and get to looking at their beautiful wedding day below. Cheers!

amandaandjohn_HR-1 2 amandaandjohn_HR-14 amandaandjohn_HR-20 3 amandaandjohn_HR-24 amandaandjohn_HR-28 amandaandjohn_HR-30 amandaandjohn_HR-32amandaandjohn_HR-36 amandaandjohn_HR-414 amandaandjohn_HR-59 amandaandjohn_HR-106 amandaandjohn_HR-110 amandaandjohn_HR-112 amandaandjohn_HR-122 amandaandjohn_HR-133 amandaandjohn_HR-139 amandaandjohn_HR-161 amandaandjohn_HR-171 amandaandjohn_HR-189 amandaandjohn_HR-214 amandaandjohn_HR-215 amandaandjohn_HR-268amandaandjohn_HR-270amandaandjohn_HR-269 amandaandjohn_HR-274 amandaandjohn_HR-275 amandaandjohn_HR-276 amandaandjohn_HR-278 amandaandjohn_HR-301 amandaandjohn_HR-296 amandaandjohn_HR-319 amandaandjohn_HR-324 amandaandjohn_HR-328 amandaandjohn_HR-330 amandaandjohn_HR-3329 amandaandjohn_HR-339 6 amandaandjohn_HR-343 amandaandjohn_HR-362 7 amandaandjohn_HR-418 amandaandjohn_HR-459 amandaandjohn_HR-461 amandaandjohn_HR-465 amandaandjohn_HR-470 amandaandjohn_HR-476amandaandjohn_HR-BW-12 8 amandaandjohn_HR-489 amandaandjohn_HR-490 amandaandjohn_HR-491 amandaandjohn_HR-496 amandaandjohn_HR-498 amandaandjohn_HR-512 amandaandjohn_HR-519 amandaandjohn_HR-522 amandaandjohn_HR-560 amandaandjohn_HR-635 amandaandjohn_HR-637 amandaandjohn_HR-644 amandaandjohn_HR-674 amandaandjohn_HR-661


Venue: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton

Dress: Head to Toe

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxes/Suits: Sarno and Son

Shoes: Etsy

Flowers: Tomlinson’s Floral

Officient: Father Sinnott

Lighting: MCR Productions

Coordinators: Danielle Rohaly of the Radisson

Entertainment: DJ Hersh

Photo Booth: Knot Just Any Day

Cake: The Sprinkle Cupboard

Décor: MCR Productions

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Videographer: Knot Just Any Day

nicole + peter


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nicole + peter


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oh, the details!! no seriously, stop reading and scroll down to see their bridesmaids dresses design by Ted Baker… they are so awesome!!

… welcome back.

Nicole and Peter’s super classy, Radisson Lackawanna Station wedding was as beautiful as it was a good time. Ever part of their day was carefully hand picked, (or even hand-made by Peter’s mom… great job BTW!) and made to exactly what they had hoped for. From the gorgeous dresses and accessories, stunning flowers, and slick suits, to their picturesque first look, everything just felt right… like you knew it was without question, their day. But most importantly, guess who stole the show? … that’s right… Winston. He was back at it again, but this time he was dressed to impress. Check out his appearance at their engagement session at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Nicole and Peter decided to do their first look at the greenhouse located near the Rose Garden at the University of Scranton. This location was within walking distance from the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton, where their wedding ceremony and reception were being held. The greenhouse was such a perfect backdrop for this intimate part of their day. After their first look, we were able to photograph their wedding party, shots of the happy couple, and even a few family shots, all before they tied the knot.

Thanks to Nicole and Peter for having us be a part of there wedding. We had such a great time and we hope you enjoy their photos as much as we do.  nicoleandpeter_HR-793 nicoleandpeter_HR-798 nicoleandpeter_HR-802 nicoleandpeter_HR-807 nicoleandpeter_HR-808 nicoleandpeter_HR-826nicoleandpeter_HR-813 1nicoleandpeter_HR-847 nicoleandpeter_HR-841 nicoleandpeter_HR-859 nicoleandpeter_HR-856 nicoleandpeter_HR-846nicoleandpeter_HR-861 nicoleandpeter_HR-866 nicoleandpeter_HR-867 nicoleandpeter_HR-874 2 nicoleandpeter_HR-876 nicoleandpeter_HR-881nicoleandpeter_HR-888 nicoleandpeter_HR-894 3nicoleandpeter_HR-902 nicoleandpeter_HR-907 4nicoleandpeter_HR-9165nicoleandpeter_HR-9376 nicoleandpeter_HR-942 nicoleandpeter_HR-946nicoleandpeter_HR-966 9nicoleandpeter_HR-1051 nicoleandpeter_HR-1053 nicoleandpeter_HR-1057nicoleandpeter_HR-963 nicoleandpeter_HR-976 7 nicoleandpeter_HR-977 nicoleandpeter_HR-978 10nicoleandpeter_HR-1144nicoleandpeter_HR-1153 8nicoleandpeter_HR-1173nicoleandpeter_HR-1180nicoleandpeter_HR-1263 nicoleandpeter_HR-1373 nicoleandpeter_HR-1501 nicoleandpeter_HR-1546 11 nicoleandpeter_HR-1202


Venue: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton

Dress: Maggie Sottero – Kleinfeld Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Ted Baker

Tuxes/Suits: Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: Jimmy Choo and Cole Haan

Jewelry: Swarovski

Flowers: McGloin’s Florist

Hair and Makeup: Sorella Hair Salon

Lighting: Jeff Walker

Entertainment: Jeff Walker

Photo Booth: Jeff Walker

Catering: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton

Cake: Pittston Bakery

Décor: Mother of the Groom

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

nikki + mike


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Holy lots of photos, batman. Nikki and Mike are back at it again with another installment of awesomeness. This time they decided to lose the rides and coney island dogs, and replace them with the stunning Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel and a super yummy wedding cake. For this wedding Knot Just Any Day took care of photography, videography, wedding coordination and some custom stationery/signage. Being able to help plan, organize, and execute their day made everything run so smoothly. Our coordination team of Bridget and Lauren worked with their vendors, picked favors, organized their timeline, assisted at their rehearsal, and worked seamlessly with the Radisson’s on-site team, for their big wedding day. Helping them get all of their ducks in a row, made their day run on time and without any stress.

Nikki and Mike’s wedding day was classy, sweet, and full of so many exciting emotions. One specific darling moment was getting to hear them say their handwritten vows to each other … which made all of us tear up instantly (thankfully we have our cameras to hide behind!!) Or getting to see Nikki’s reaction to hearing that her father recorded himself singing their father daughter dance song. He even took vocal lessons… too much!!  But on the flip side of those cherished, heart-string-pulling moments, was the constant uproar of laughter and cheers from everyone. I mean, whose dad kills it on the dance floor, for the song “Turn Down for What?!” Mr. Nulton… that’s who.

nikkiandmike_HR-3 nikkiandmike_HR-8 nikkiandmike_HR-10 nikkiandmike_HR-12 nikkiandmike_HR-18 nikkiandmike_HR-21 nikkiandmike_HR-22 nikkiandmike_HR-24 nikkiandmike_HR-55 nikkiandmike_HR-57nikkiandmike_HR-981nikkiandmike_HR-61nikkiandmike_HR-1403nikkiandmike_HR-108nikkiandmike_HR-33 nikkiandmike_HR-39 nikkiandmike_HR-44nikkiandmike_HR-642 nikkiandmike_HR-71 nikkiandmike_HR-86 nikkiandmike_HR-88 nikkiandmike_HR-90nikkiandmike_HR-148 nikkiandmike_HR-150nikkiandmike_HR-207 nikkiandmike_HR-216 nikkiandmike_HR-231nikkiandmike_HR-238nikkiandmike_HR-254 nikkiandmike_HR-262 nikkiandmike_HR-264nikkiandmike_HR-273 nikkiandmike_HR-280 nikkiandmike_HR-287nikkiandmike_HR-321 nikkiandmike_HR-322nikkiandmike_HR-36310 nikkiandmike_HR-364nikkiandmike_HR-3696nikkiandmike_HR-434nikkiandmike_HR-438 nikkiandmike_HR-439nikkiandmike_HR-466 nikkiandmike_HR-472 nikkiandmike_HR-4868nikkiandmike_HR-492nikkiandmike_HR-505 nikkiandmike_HR-512 nikkiandmike_HR-519nikkiandmike_HR-526 nikkiandmike_HR-521nikkiandmike_HR-528nikkiandmike_HR-5249nikkiandmike_HR-545nikkiandmike_HR-555nikkiandmike_HR-565 nikkiandmike_HR-569nikkiandmike_HR-627 nikkiandmike_HR-644nikkiandmike_HR-716nikkiandmike_HR-773nikkiandmike_HR-771


Venue: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton

Dress: RK Bridal

Tuxes/Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers: Flower Warehouse 

Coordinators: Knot Just Any Day

Entertainment: Bob Loftus

Ceremony Music: The Valenches Music Company

Catering: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton

Cake: Community Bakeshop

Invitations: Heather Hynes

Videography: Knot Just Any Day





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