Weddings during COVID-19

June 27, 2020

This past week KJAD had the opportunity to photograph two weddings (highlights included below). One was quite small, focused around a short ceremony, and the other was much more of a standard wedding day. It included hair and makeup, bride and groom prep, a full church ceremony, posed family and wedding party photos, and portraits of the bride and groom. Both weddings chose to have small and informal outdoor gatherings rather than a “full” reception, and both will celebrate with larger groups later this year at “part 2” receptions.

After preparing for and photographing each, I realized what stands between getting married now (during the pandemic) or postponing your wedding to later this year or even next, is the ability to envision your wedding in different ways. What you have imagined for the past year or more is likely not be what you will experience.

But, by no means is this a bad thing. Reimagining your 2020 wedding can be challenging and frustrating, but so can waiting another year to have the wedding of your (pre-COVID) dreams. Thankfully, a reconfigured 2020 wedding and the wedding you originally imagined have one thing in common – two people, joining their lives and families together with love and trust. The rest comes down to your comfort level. Options can include the following: a wedding on your original date, with a small party afterward or a more inclusive reception in the future; or, a more traditional full wedding ceremony and reception next year.

Whatever you decide, KJAD is here to help you navigate your long list of to-do’s and offer things to consider along the way. We are hosting a live stream session at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 28, to talk about wedding options for 2020 and beyond, and showcase our new KJAD LIVE service.

Consider these things if you would like to keep your 2020 date: Reconfigure the traditional wedding format – hair and makeup, bridal party prep, ceremony, formal photos, cocktail hour and reception – by evaluating the entire day to see what parts matter the most to you and only include those – safely. Think a little outside the box: change locations, activities, guest count, or even day’s timeline. Just remember, whatever you decide to do, make sure it is in line with your venue’s rules, and state and county’s guidelines.

It really comes down to one of a few options: get married on your original wedding date with pandemic restrictions – have a small ceremony on your OG date and then a party to follow later in 2020 or 2021 – or completely move your entire wedding to next year and hoping that the coronavirus doesn’t pose such a serious threat.

Quick Sidebar: I captured this photo of a section of the wedding party, safely spaced out throughout the entire church, wearing their face masks this past weekend. I understand the photo seems a bit “dark and grim” at first, but really the intention is far from that. (I also really just like the look and strong social narrative to it.) The church planned and executed safe practices throughout the entire service. They held a full Catholic mass and made it quite worry-free. While my photo has a darker overtone to it, the ceremony was the exact opposite; joyous, exciting, tearful, and full of all the tradition one hopes for at a mass. You can find more photos at the end of this blog.

The weddings we experienced last weekend (through a face mask and a little distancing) were two pandemic-era weddings held in completely different fashions. Both formats worked for the individual couples, and perhaps some aspects could work for you, too. We will share what we learned during our live discussion at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 28, and will also blog about each wedding in the weeks to come.

All my best to you, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to talk through your upcoming wedding. Also, if KJAD isn’t a part of your wedding, we’d still be more than happy to consult with you over the phone or video chat. We are all in this together.

Take great care and see you soon!

A wedding party group photo after a COVID-19 era wedding ceremony.
Custom matching face masks for the wedding party. Be safe and stylish.
A traditional Catholic wedding mass performed under social distancing guidelines during COVID-19.
Social distancing within your ceremony limits guest count but enables you to still hold your wedding at your place of worship. This church used tape/ribbon to demarcate pews that could be used safely.
A bride and groom formal during a COVID-19 era wedding.
Even with all of the limitations/guidelines, you can still have beautiful wedding photos to remember your fantastic day.
A timeless wedding ring photo.

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