MJ’s Top Ten of 2018

March 11, 2019

Our lead photographer, MJ, talks all about his Top Ten favorite moments of KJAD’s 2018 wedding season below! Yay!!


Itʼs always exciting when we get the chance to shoot for friends/ family and even more of a treat when its at a beautiful location! Jacki and Kevin got married at the unique room at 900 in forty fort. This place is a goldmine for cool photos! There are so many interesting nooks and crannies throughout the building, youʼll never run out of cool photos to shoot.

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We love to travel! This destination wedding was one of my favorites all year, filled with tons of exciting moments. Zoe and Brandon got married at Bonnie Castle in Thousand Islands, New York. The breath taking views and otherworldly scenery seemed endless, and we got to go on a boat! The venue is located on the mighty St. Lawrence River right on the Canadian border. In the middle of the river, on an island, is the famous and pretty epic, Boldt Castle! It was so much fun taking photos on the water near the castle, speeding around on a motor boat. It’s something Iʼll never forget.

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One of my favorite moments of 2018 was at Maggie and Craig’s wedding. The couple held their celebration at The Westmoreland Club in downtown Wilkes-Barre. The reception was especially awesome. Tons of of our previous clients were guests. Their DJ was incredible and kept the party going all night long. The dance floor was consistently packed with smiling faces. I also made a buddy! From prep at Maggie’s mom’s house, to their ceremony at St. Leo’s Holy Rosary Church, to the party at the club, I worked closely with videographer, Molly Rupert, and had a blast. Getting the chance to share ideas and learn from other wedding professionals is a lot of fun!

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This is one of my favorites because of the rustic, dreamy venue they chose. Alexis and Justin got hitched at Fox Hill Farms in Honesdale. We had a lot of fun incorporating the beautiful landscape into their photos. From the lush flower gardens to the super cool decor at the reception, this day was filled with tons of color that complimented the couples vibrant personalities.

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Ashleigh and John got married at Friedman Farms in Dallas, PA. I absolutely love this venue, especially when the main hall is all lit up. One of my favorite things about this day was way the couple decorated the reception. Everything was embellished with vibrant wildflowers. Set against the rustic wood and twinkle lights of the barn, it was definitely a site to behold. I was able to get up into the rafters just in time for the couples first dance and capture the magic from above. The dances were very expressive. From dad’s tears to the breakdancing groomsmen, everyone had a blast.

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This was one of my all time favorites and my very first solo wedding! Dana and Janet got married at Terra View at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn, a scenic overlook where you could see for miles and miles. It was breath taking. A very intimate gathering of just 6 friends witnessed their union (and me snapping photos like crazy). Iʼve never seen anything like it and I definitely wonʼt forget it! Congrats Dana and Janet!

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One of my favorite moments of 2018 was at Sara and Ryan’s wedding. The couple got married at The Historic Acres of Hershey in Elizabethtown, and the venue was absolutely gorgeous. There was a really cool green house with climbing flowers, tons of rustic decor, and even a corn crib to take photos in! I love first looks, and its always exciting to figure out new and unique ways of shooting them. For this first look, we had their whole family watch from a second floor balcony of an old farm house while Sara approached Ryan along a beautiful walk-way. We were able to capture the couple’s reactions, along with their families.

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This couple chose to tie the knot at Montdale Country Club in Jermyn. With their large wedding party we were able to create some interesting shapes and poses. One of my favorite parts of this day, was the completely custom arbor that Frank built for Erica for their ceremony. I just thought that was so sweet, and it came out stunningly. This was also one of the only weddings that I had a clear sunset for in 2018! We loveee sunsets, and to end the night we were able capture it perfectly.

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Jess and Bill got married at The Westmoreland Club in downtown Wilkes-Barre. It was very elegant and the colors were beautiful. Shooting inside the club is super fun because around every corner is a gorgeous, classic composition just waiting to be photographed. One of my favorite moments of 2018 was at their reception. After toasts and dinner, the party was underway. If youʼve never been “iced” before, this was the place to have it happen to you. After being forced to down an entire smirnoff ice on one knee, Bill sneakily iced a bunch of his groomsmen. I personally found it hilarious! Go Bill!

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Alie and Joey celebrated their wedding at the Scranton Cultural Center, and they rolled up squad deep. This was one of my favorites because of the sheer massive size of the wedding party. I wish I had that many friends! It was so much fun directing and posing such a large group. Weʼre always up for the challenge, and the photos are always so full of life! We went to their friends’ family farm, got to play with some horsies for a bit, and then continued the party.

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