Erin’s Top Ten of 2018

March 22, 2019

Hey there! Erin here; KJAD’s marketing director and one of our wedding coordinators. Our 2018 season was an epic one, coming in with 49 beautifully unique weddings! I was blown away by all of the work that our team did in 2018, and below is a collection of some of the moments that stand out to me. Cheers!


PRESTON! Hanging out with the world’s most supportive ring bearer of all time, Jackie and Dave’s nephew, is easily my favourite moment of our 2018 wedding season. As I mentioned above, Preston was initially a little hesitant to put on his boutonniere, but after his dad and I explained to him that it would give him the super powers to run faster than anyone else and be the best ring bearer ever, he agreed to wear it. During Jackie and Dave’s ceremony at my favorite venue, The Barn at Glistening Pond, was when Preston really let his ring bearing powers show. At one point the rings tried to run away, but they weren’t getting past Preston’s swift reflexes. Not only did he wrangle the rings, he also stood right up front next to Judge Barilla during the ceremony to show his support. He even offered fist bumps to Dave and gave Jackie a ‘thumbs up’ as she placed the ring on Dave’s finger. However, at the end of the day, I don’t think Preston really needed the ‘magical’ boutonniere; he had the ability to be The Best Ring Bearer ever in his heart the whole time. Go Preston!!

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The ‘in-between moments’ always make for my favourite photos. When I’m not coordinating or planning a wedding, I hang back at the studio to compile all of our web content. With that being said, I don’t get to take in the wedding day with our photographers, and why I love to see the candid, ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots. I like to call these shots ‘the in-between moments’. The beautiful, relaxed scenes that are going on behind the photographers and videographers, that are happening in the corner of the room, and that nobody else may be paying attention to always allow me to relate more to a particular day. It’s like getting to see a 360 version of a wedding; an ode to all of the ‘in-between moments’ that have brought a couple to their special day. The ‘in-between moments’ that will always stand out to me are from Krissy and Dave’s wedding when Steve happened to capture some of Krissy’s bridesmaids taking it all in during the bride and groom’s formal shots and a few of Dave’s groomsmen walking to their next destination. Along with those photos, some of the most adorable ‘in-between moments’ came from Julianna and Cody’s wedding. During their post-wedding, pre-reception “after party”, the sweetest shot of the most precious little girl in assisted snack mode was taken. Then right after the wedding party was done having their photos taken, one of our brilliant photographers snuck a shot of the flower girls with their fists raised into the air to celebrate the end of formal photos and the beginning of a night full of dancing. It warms my soul because I can very much relate.. bring on the dancing!!


Being a part of a wedding as a coordinator is beyond rewarding. You get to know so many awesome people that you’re practically family by the end of the day. The KJAD Crew spent so many amazing, behind the scenes moments with Danielle and Connor on their wedding day. One of my favorite moments was right after their ceremony. In order to take all of the family photos we planned on taking directly after the ceremony, Danielle and Connor had to tuck away to side a corridor in the back of the church to skip the receiving line that usually happens then. I met them on their way to the corridor to help Danielle with her stunning dress which had an epically long train. Father Paisley even pronounced “Connor, Danielle, and that train one in love!” I love it! While we were hiding out to wait for photos to start, their was a lot of giggling, smiling, talk of honeymoons, and you could just feel the excitement buzzing around the newlyweds. That exact feeling is why I love what I do! Fast forward to right before the reception when Connor and Danielle were having some photos taken outside on the dock at Split Rock Resort. However, in order to get out to the dock, Connor had to lift up Danielle so that her dress wouldn’t get all sandy. That moment is where my favorite shot from their day came from. It is epic! Congrats again, Danielle and Connor! It was such an honor getting to be a part of the day!

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There’s a moment that happens right after a wedding ceremony that is so magical to me. As a wedding planner, I’m usually hanging out in the back of the ceremony site so I usually get to see the newlyweds as soon as they exit their ceremony. That magic moment happens after months of planning, after all of the preparations are made, and after the ‘I do’s’ are said. When Jackie and Dave exited their ceremony at The Barn at Glistening Pond, the three of us locked eyes and lifted our fists in solidarity. That moment is always so great because we all get to silently say, “we did it!!”. More importantly, it’s such a grounding moment because we spend so much time getting caught up in planning, and these few seconds allow me to slow down and remember how mind blowingly beautiful it is to celebrate the decision to spend the rest of your life with your person!! I’ll admit it, your KJAD Crew cries at your wedding. How incredible it is to see all of the planning come together to help someone’s best day ever be their best day ever. It humbles me to the core which is why Jackie and Dave’s wedding exit will always be one of my favourite wedding moments. Cheers to two amazing people falling in love!! Also, side note, after discussing having an air horn at their wedding and making air horn sound effects during their photos for giggles, that startling noise will forever remind me of their special day. BRRRBRRRBRRRBRRRRRRRQSHRRRR!


The KJAD Crew is a creative group of some really humorous people. You’re guaranteed to see us head back laughing at least a few times during your wedding or even during a meeting. Another one of my Top Ten Moments is thanks to that. This one happened to be at Jackie and Dave’s, too. During the infamous Polish Dollar Dance, complete with epic polka music, Steve and Jimmy were hanging out on the outskirts of the dance floor with their cameras to capture everyone’s reactions when they got in front of Jackie. Miranda and I were preparing for the couple’s sparkler send off when we happened to glance over to see Steve and Jimmy happily bobbing up and down in unison to the polka music all while shooting away. Classic KJAD, and a moment that still brings laughter when one of us brings it up.


It really is all about the details. Either that or I’m just a sucker for decor. Let’s go with both. Details and decor really set the feel for the whole day and allow me to spice up all of our blogs. Decor, especially DIY, really gives a couple the ability to make their special day stand out and express themselves however they want to. All of the little details really pull everything together and always make for some beautiful shots. The decor and ring photos that stand out to me the most from 2018 are from Julianna and Cody’s wedding. From the pops of pastel oranges and pinks in their floral arrangements (brought to you by Floral Designs) and the Little Mermaid-esque cake topper to the inscription on the inside of Cody’s wedding band, it’s easy to feel all of the love that surrounded their day. I especially love their idea of having all of their guests write them short messages to read on their first anniversary. How beautifully thoughtful!

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Like I said, I cannot get enough detail shots. They’re always amazing to look at, they help me get a feel of the day when I’m putting together blogs, and they’re a great way to make sure we include all of the awesome vendors that helped make someone’s day the best day ever. It’s even cooler when we get to see some of our work at a wedding. Adrienne and Justin’s wedding was gorgeous, and I’m not just saying that because KJAD did their stationary including the adorable little hearts that they had their guests sign. Adrienne’s dress by Hayley Paige looked sunning on her, and their cake by Minooka is definitely my favourite from 2018.

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There is something I enjoying seeing a little more than details when I look at wedding photos. Everyone’s facial expressions, especially newlyweds, make for the best shots. Whether it’s laughter during a speech from the best man, that just married wedding excitement, or the face of a father as he dances with his newly married daughter at the reception, nothing can beat seeing someone’s reaction at a wedding. Julianna’s face was beaming with excitement for possibly her and Cody’s entire wedding day. It melts my hearts. Seeing the shots of Danielle and Connor laughing so hard during their family member’s speeches always makes me smile, and seeing Ashleigh’s father’s face during their father-daughter dance is enough to make anyone blurt out an “awwww”. Seeing raw emotion in wedding photos is always the best.


Hearing the history or origin of different wedding traditions always fascinates me. Our 2018 season presented us with a brand new tradition that none of had heard of before which happens to be my new favourite. Allie and Anthony decided to incorporate something a bit out of the ordinary, but also the most heartfelt into their wedding ceremony. Their wedding party passed a continuous twine through every guest at the wedding. The couple then placed their rings on the twine and asked everyone there to say a few words or prayers as they passed the rings along this twine. This way the couple can always carry their loved ones and these messages with them on their rings. What an incredible idea!

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Who doesn’t love a stunning wedding dress shot!? I couldn’t pick just one, and I wish I could have included every dress from 2018. I’ll let them speak for themselves. Just look at ’em!

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    March 22nd, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    This is beautiful! I feel like I was part of each of their special days!

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